GPS Tracking Solutions for Vehicles and more!


Our Best Features in GPS Tracking Solution
Go to Real Time / Live Tracking

Real Time / Live Tracking

You can track current location with full address, On/Off key status, static status and static duration on real time.

Go to Controlled Dashboard

Controlled Dashboard

You can control everything by your Dashboard. Setting alerts to stopping vehicle engine. Complete control in your hand to set as per requirement.

Go to One Touch Stop / Restore

One Touch Stop / Restore

You can stop your vehicle by just sending a SMS or just One Touch by app to our GPS Vehicle Tracking System in emergency case. This is one of best Security feature.



This facility gives a you special code to send to your clients on given temporary time for tracking their loved ones or goods.

Go to SMS / Mail Alerts

SMS / Mail Alerts

You can receive instant alerts in case of any abnormal activities like tempering or over-speeding from our GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Go to Always active mode

Always active mode

It works on GPS and mobile network to receive signals for accurate location. Internal battery works even after disconnecting by thieves for many hours.

Go to Playback function

Playback function

You can play route history with Playback function. In this function you can trace history with time, duration, exact location at given time. Same data can be able to download for further reference.

Go to Geofence Alerts

Geofence Alerts

Create fences and whenever your vehicle enters or leaves this fence, our Vehicle GPS Tracker system push you alert messages.

Go to MIS Reports

MIS Reports

You can check Moving Overviews with total stays, Overspeed Details with location and time and broken speed, Staying details with time, address and duration. Complete solution for fleet management.

Go to Activity Report

Activity Report

Our servers always ready to keep storing all the data received from Vehicle GPS tracker and provide you full-fledged activity reports. Complete solution for fleet management.

Go to Download History

Download History

You can also download these reports and keep it forever further acknowledgements. It is very helpful for fleet management.

Go to On the Go Track

On the Go Track

Tracking is very easy by on the go Mobile app. We have mobile applications for your favorite Android Phone, iPhone & Windows Phone. Also, you can track by logging by all browsers of mobile and desktop/laptops.

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GPS Tracking Solutions for Vehicles and more!
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INNEX Technosoft is quality GPS vehicle tracking system provider. Our GPS vehicle tracking systems are tested, reliable to provide to clients to operate fleets of all sizes. You can view or track conveniently on Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Personal Computers by our latest technology. INNEX Technosoft holds distinguished position in the marketplace for extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction. We offer comprehensive pre-sales consultations, installation guidance and after sales support. INNEX Technosoft believes to produce the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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